Tree Of Life Adult Hoodie - Limited Edition

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." Marcus Garvey

Proceeds from the sale of this hoodie go to fund Naomi's travel and accommodations in Jamaica while she pursues her studies of Caribbean herbal medicine.  All prices in USD.

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Purchase by December 18, 2021 and receive a hand-written post card from Jamaica.

Note from Naomi:

This design is modelled from a pair of earrings I bought in my 2020 visit to Jamaica.  The tree of life is a symbol common to many cultures and spiritual traditions, representing the connection between the heavens and the earth, the physical and spiritual planes, and the unity of all things.  By rooting into knowledge of self, we nourish our capacity to heal, endure and walk forward on a path of righteousness and love.

Embrace sweater weather with this fleece-lined, warm and comfy hooded sweatshirt.Made from an 80% - 20% cotton/polyester blend, it strikes the perfect balance between cozy and stretchy. What's more, the metal eyelets for your hoodie drawstrings add durability while the jersey-lined hood keeps you nice & warm when it’s needed.


Length, in 27.00 28.00 29.00 30.00 31.00 32.00 33.00 34.00 34.50
Width, in 19.00 20.00 22.00 24.00 26.00 27.00 28.00 29.50 31.00
Sleeve length from center back, in 33.50 34.50 35.50 36.50 37.50 38.50 39.50 40.00 40.50