Harmony Bars

Have you ever wondered what music tastes like?

Inspired by iconic music of our time, Harmony Bars are tech-enabled artisanal chocolate bars with a blend of 5 adaptogenic mushrooms for immune support and stress relief. Sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free... made mindfully of those with dietary considerations.

As a multisensory artist, I am called to explore by the many ways that sensory experiences can intersect to convey ideas, tell stories, and shape our life experiences. As "texture" and "flavour" are words we can use to describe characteristics of both music and food, I wanted to create and share a ritual that involves both! 

Scan the QR code on the label to discover the music and artists that inspired Harmony Bars unique flavour profiles!

Each bar contains approximately 2 recommended adult doses of functional mushroom concentrate.  Hand made in small batches for dosing consistency.


Sweetened with erythritol which does not increase blood glucose levels and is suitable for people with sugar-reduced diets.

Packaging is made from bio-plastic and sugarcane paper... goes in the compost, not in the trash!

Available for wholesale order.  Please contact info@melaninrisingapparel.com

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