Imagining and Practicing Resilience with Hanifa Nayo Washington

Naomi Gracechild | 17 September, 2023

            Imagining and Practicing Resilience with Hanifa Nayo Washington

Sunday, September 24, 2023

1-3pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)
Online or Naomi Grace Studio 1573 West 6th Ave, Vancouver


Presented in partnership with Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture and with generous in-kind support from Kindred Cultures and Melanin Rising


 As we create the world we know is possible we require consistent practices for our individual and collective resilience.

 In this session led by Hanifa Nayo Washington, we’ll explore the practices of sacred activism, conscious co-creation, and heart listening. This is a liberated space for reflection, mindful connection, and deepening.

This no-cost event is hosted by multisensory artist Naomi Grace made possible with generous support from https://www.kickstartdisability.ca/ and in-kind sponsorship from Kindred Cultures.

Studio space is made possible through the City of Vancouver Department of Cultural Services


About Hanifa Nayo Washington

Sacred Activism + Spiritual Resilience + Cultivating Beloved Community


Hanifa Nayo Washington, she/her/hers, is a sacred activist, healing justice practitioner, communications strategist, and digital creative, with 25 years of values-based nonprofit leadership. Hanifa, an equity & belonging facilitator, reiki master practitioner, musician, and thought partner, works at the intersection of mindfulness, place making, and social justice to cultivate organizations, gatherings, spaces, and experiences rooted in the values of beloved community. 


Hanifa is Founding Team Emerita of Fireside Project - a nonprofit that is creating systemic change in the field of psychedelics in three key domains: safety, diversity, and equitable access. Through their Psychedelic Peer Support Line, Fireside Project has created a nationwide safety net that has substantially decreased 911 calls and hospitalizations while democratizing access to free high-quality care. The line has received over 11,000 calls since launching in April of 2021.


Hanifa is the Co-lead Investigator of the burgeoning field catalyst the Psychedelic Health Equity Initiative. PHEI is in its beginning stages with the primary objectives of identifying and creating investment opportunities for philanthropy to fund demonstration projects that will encourage governments, private sector actors and foundations to invest in equitable access to psychedelic assisted therapies for marginalized communities.


Hanifa is also the Co-founder and Organizing Principal of One Village Healing, an online BIPOC centered healing, resilience, and psychedelic wellness space. In 2017 Hanifa released her 3rd album Mantras for the Revolution. Hanifa offers this soulful, connective, kirtan-style, collective practice as medicine in this time of revolution that is both- within us and around us.


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