Fresh New Site!

Naomi Gracechild | 08 November, 2021

            Fresh New Site!

It's the wee hours of the morning as I type this post.  I know that for my health I should be sleeping, but I am so excited to launch Melanin Rising's new website and I'm nearing the finish line.  If you are reading this, I was successful!  Even seeing those words on the screen is motivation for me to push forward and polish the last few details... worth delaying my bed time, in my opinion.

Thank you to all who provided valuable feedback about your shopping experiences and offering some advice as to how I can make things even better!

Here's what's new:

More streamlined, user-friendly platform

We migrated our platform to Shopify, which is the leading e-commerce platform out there right now.  This allows you to view your cart more easily, see suggestions of other items that may interest you, navigate between collections, and go back to shopping after viewing your cart (rather than pushing the back button on your browser)

Seamless transition between social media and website

You can now connect with our online shop through Facebook and Instagram rather than having to access external links from your browser

Introducing Print On Demand

If you take a look at our newly launched Rooted Healing collection, you'll notice some changes to pricing and shipping.  We are offering this collection through a print on demand service to facilitate shipping while I am overseas studying herbal medicine for three weeks in December/January.  That means that your orders from this collection will be fulfilled and shipped from an external provider rather than shipped from our Vancouver warehouse.  That being said, our regular collection will still be locally fulfilled (and I'll keep including hand-written notes and goodies with your orders... I love to do it).

Coming Soon:  Local Pick-Up location in Vancouver

We have heard from folks locally that a pick up option would be more convenient than waiting for shipping.  We are aiming to secure a pick up location in the spring of 2022.


As always, I'd love to hear your feedback!  Let me know how your shopping experience is and what you think of the new merch!